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Other Global Agendas

Other Global Agendas

The localization of the SDGs is a core concern of UCLG but our efforts go beyond the 2030 Agenda. To ensure well-being and sustainable development in all cities and territories, the localization of more than one global agenda is required.

UCLG Learning is committed to the localization of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. To increase resilience of cities and regions regarding natural and manmade disasters is an urgent concern of UCLG and its global network. Learning can play a pivotal role to enable the local and regional level to achieve the Sendai Framework and to consequently improve their disaster risk management.

Furthermore, UCLG Learning supports its members in the implementation of other global agendas such as the 2015 Paris Agreement or the Addis Ababa Action Agenda. All those agendas have in common that they must be linked with the local and regional level if they shall be successful. UCLG as network of local and regional governments can facilitate this localization process through learning and contribute thereby to the global objective of sustainable development.”