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Peer Learning in the Province of Santa Fe - Regional Planning Based on Intermediary Cities

This peer learning event was organized in the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina in April 2014, with UCL and UNESCO. Its purpose was to coordinate the implementation of the Basic Plan as a tool in intermediary cities in the province of Santa Fe. Since 2008, the province of Santa Fe has experienced a radical transformation based on regionalization, administrative decentralization, strategic planning as a collective decision making tool, and citizens’ participation to foster plural dialogues in horizontal and democratic public spaces. The Basic Plan is the guideline for urban planning of intermediary cities, which works as a tool to serve flexible communication strategy, to introduce the concept of sustainable development, to help strengthening collective effort of the province and its municipalities, and to serve for networks of the cities.

This event helped thinking growth and evolution of the province from a strategic perspective, taking into account the different realities and priorities of urban territories to attain a planned, balanced development. By using Basic Plan, the Province of Santa Fe supported the urban planning processes undertaken by intermediary cities in the province.