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Public Space and Citizenship - Planning and Participation

The learning and networking event entitled ‘Public Space and Citizenship was held in Porto Alegre, from 27 to 29 October, 2014, in partnership with UCLG, FNP, and UN Habitat. It includes the work of the Urban Strategic Planning Committee in UCLG and it promoted the continuity of the learning event of ‘Re-imagining Public Space’ hosted by the city of Durban, South Africa in June 2014. As half of world population lives in cities, the world is facing the challenge of the rapid growth of the population in urban areas and that growth will be concentrated especially in urban areas of developing countries. In this context, there are increased responsibility of local governments, which plays a fundamental role in promoting the welfare of citizens.

In this event, there was the exchange of the experiences in urban planning especially in public space with the debates among the participating cities. The main purpose was to exchange the know-how, tools and lessons learned by local governments regarding the management of public space.