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SDG Pack

SDG Pack

UCLG dedicated itself from the very beginning to the implementation and achievement of the Agenda 2030. This entails the localization of the SDGSs which became a major work area of the UCLG Learning Team in the last years.

To foster sustainable development in all territories and to support every municipality in their efforts to localize the SDGs, we put together a SDG-Pack that includes a lot of helpful materials and tools. The pack consists of our UCLG Learning Modules which function as a guidebook for SDG localization but also includes our complementary tools and our SDG-Memory. The compilation of the materials allows to get engaged through local efforts in the achievement of the global agenda. Get started in download the pack directly here! (Include download possibility)

If you have any questions or comments to our materials contact the UCLG Learning Team! (link to contact form)