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Training of trainers

What is Training of Trainers?

UCLG, as facilitator of the Global Taskforce, has developed a series of modules and training sessions together with UNDP ART and UN-Habitat, concentrating on different issues related to the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One such training session is Training of Trainers which was developed to provide local and regional governments, as well as their national associations and local actors, with a practical guide to implementing the SDGs.

UCLG Training of Trainers has two main objectives:

  1. To train trainers and consolidate a UCLG learning and facilitators community
  2. To engage members of the UCLG Committee on Urban Strategic Planning to align their local planning processes and strategies with the SDGs.


How does Training of Trainers work in practice?

In our Training of Trainers sessions we use the UCLG Learning Modules (Link-here) as a basis either to train new trainers who will subsequently join the UCLG Learning and facilitators community, or to provide further training for community members. The trainings provide an introduction to the localization process and focus on the SDGs from a regional planning perspective. Furthermore, the monitoring and reporting of SDG implementation at the local level is a central topic of the sessions.

A UCLG Training of Trainers event aims to conclude with recommendations based on the discussion and examples of participants, as well as the creation of a roadmap to advance the localization process in the region, with a view to further networking and cooperation opportunities.

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