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University Cooperation

Cooperation between cities and universities is crucial for capacity building!

Learning is not limited to cooperation between cities but offers also a change for new and innovative partnerships with universities. UCLG Learning believes in the high value of close cooperation between educational institutions and its members. The Citylab project, one example for the efforts UCLG is doing to foster this cooperation, brought together 18 universities from Latin America and Europe along with the UCLG and the Columbus networks. In this sense UCLG is open to continue fostering new initiatives of local governments and universities.

The Objectives to be taken into account in this coordination

Promoting and valuing reserch on urban realities: participating in UCLG observatories and the case studies gathered

Support professional work in cities, prepare new professionals

Promote local and regional government as interesting work environments

Empowering the academic community’s potencial for engagement: participating in learning events