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Urban Rural Policies for the promotion of decent work in intermediary cities

The learning event was held in San Juan de Pasto, Colombia, from 27-30 January 2015. It was jointly organized by the city of Pasto, UCLG, the International Labour Organization (ILO) and FINDETER (Financiera del Desarollo Territorial SA). It focused on the questions regarding local economic development and decent work in intermediary cities, putting special emphasis on the theme of economy of proximity, food market, and urban-rural relations.

Following the logic of south-south and triangular cooperation in Latin America, the event brought together local, regional, and national experts of the cities and reigons of Santa Fe, Rosario,, Cuenca, Ibarra, Tulcan, Montufar, Barquisimeto, Pereira, Acapulco, Narino, Lleida, Porto Alegre, and Cochabamba, including the Connective Cities, FINDERTER, UN Habitat, UCLG, ILO.

It shared the relevant experiences with Latin American cities and regions, reflected on the roles and relations that cities have in their rural territories at the local scale, and thereby contributing to wider global and regional debate, especially on the theme of food markets, territorial planning, and urban policies to promote economic development and decent work in urban-rural areas.